there will never be a time more opportune

hi there my name is jess(ie) welcome to my little blog! if you want to stalk me a lil more click on "about me." my anxiety blog is destroyanxiety.

have a lovely day!

i lived with shame for way too long honestly like i am proud of the grimiest and ugliest parts of myself! it’s easy to love the things that you like about yourself, but it took me a long time to love the other half of myself that cries in math class or says i love you too quickly or talks to her fish or is triggered by shampoo commercials or hallucinates at social events. but like the thing is….if you’re going to love yourself then you have to love all the parts. even the shitty stuff. and no one ever told me that. why didn’t anyone ever tell me that?? ? ? love urself friends

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